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Homebuilding Done Right

At Pacific Evergreen Homes, we have forty years of combined experience in the building industry and we've learned a lot during that time. When we build a house, we know we're building someone's dream. And when you step inside for the first time, we know that you'll be looking at all the details, large and small. 

That motivates us to do the best job possible. Creating homes is our passion. From the way we work with our vendors to the way we support our customers, there's a sincere desire to excel that permeates our company. 

We want our passion to result in a great homebuying experience. We want our infectous entusiasm to rub off on you. And most important, after you've looked around for while, we want you to say, "This is the home I want." 

We are also fully committed to a green building philosophy. We use energy efficient furnaces, locally produced materials where possible, and construction methods that are mindful of our environmental footprint. We are also a paperless company, with nearly all of our transactions occuring electronically. This makes us both green and efficient—two beneifts that we want to extend to you. 

Let's get together and match up what you want in a home to what we have to offer. It's our hope, after we're done, that you'll want a Pacific Evergreen home.